Gdańsk, 28-28. 11. 2009

Call for papers
The Institute of Psychology and the Social Sciences Department of the University of Gdańsk
with the Polish Dyslexia Association
cordially invite You to attend international conference
“Dyslexia at adult age”
that will be held on November 28 and 29, 2009 in Gdańsk.

     The objective of the conference is to disseminate and share knowledge, experiences and good practices in the field of dyslexia in adult age, with a particular focus placed on the rights and functioning problems of dyslexic students at the university level of education both in Poland and abroad. Moreover,  we aim to develop partnership with other academic foreign and domestic institutions to create research projects related to these issues and conditions conducive to effective studying of adult dyslexics.

      In order to achieve these plans, plenary lectures, poster session and two special discussion panels – of Rector’s plenipotentiaries for Persons with Disabilities and the experts’ panel will be held during a two-day conference. The panel discussions will concern the situation of dyslexic students in Polish schools of higher education, their problems experienced in the course of education, as well as the possibilities to help them.

     A number of renowned speakers from Poland and other countries will participate in the conference: Prof. David Pollak (UK), Prof. Colin Stevenson (UK), Prof. Rita Rusetskaja (Russia); Prof. Maria Kavkler (Slovenia), M. Szczerbiński, PhD. (UK), Anna Kuchařska, PhD. (Czech Republic), Reda Gedutiene, PhD. (Lithuania), Bożena Wszeborowska, PhD. (Gibraltar), Bernard Quinn (UK).
We invite you to participate in the conference, listen to the conference speeches both in Polish and English (we provide simultaneous translation), as well as to take active participation in poster session or hold a workshop.


The registration form should be send by 15. 10. 2009 by e-mail to: dysleksjadorosli@ug.edu.pl
The registration form should include:
* the filled in registration form (form available here: http://www.dysleksjadorosli.strony.ug.edu.pl/index.php)
* the proof of paying registration fee
* abstract not exceeding 200 words (only persons interested in poster presentation).
If you have any questions, please write to: dysleksjadorosli@ug.edu.pl 
The cost of participation 
In order to accommodate participants’ expectations in the best possible way, the registration fees are: 
 * fee for participants who are not students  (by 01.10 - 150 zł; 02.10-15.10 – 200 zł) includes: participation in plenary lectures, workshops, poster session, panel discussions, conference materials, dinner on the first day of the conference, coffee breaks. 
 * fee for students (by 01.10 - 50 zł; 02.10-15.10 – 70 zł) includes: participation in plenary lectures, poster session, panel discussions, conference materials;  participation in workshops must be paid additionally (50 zł.)
Payment should be made by 15. 10. 2009 
UG account number: 35124012711111000014925388 
Bank PEKAO S.A. IV O/Gdańsk 
Kołobrzeska St., No. 43 
As payment title SHOULD be written: 
"Opłata za uczestnictwo (name and surname) w Międzynarodowej Konferencji Dysleksja w wieku dorosłym, nr subkonta k730" 
ATTENTION: including “k730” code (sub-account number) will allow a fast verification of payments received.